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The Swirl


 “Pick me! Pick me! Hi, I am The Swirl!!"

This purchase includes 2 oz. jars of all three of our primary flavors. Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Cream and Vanilla Cream. When you can’t choose one, you can have all three!!!” 

Individual Jars

Strawberry Cream (2 oz)


Are you dreaming about strawberries right now? Yes? Well you won't go wrong with this Strawberry Cream Body Butter. With its' smooth and creamy texture, and the smell of fresh strawberries you'll be wanting another scoop!!!

Vanilla Cream (2 oz)


The natural color of this body butter resembles the natural flavor vanilla offers. This Vanilla Cream Body Butter has just enough of that sweet vanilla bean smell just like authentic ice cream, you'll be coming back for more!!

Chocolate Cream (2 oz)


Milk chocolate! White chocolate! Dark chocolate! There is nothing better than this Chocolate Cream Body Butter, that melts into the skin. One thing they all have in common is, they are irresistible!!

Salted Carmel (2 oz )


We like to call this BLACK GIRL MAGIC.. This NEWLY released flavor will have you smelling fall ready and have your skin looking creamy with a natural glow !

Salted Carmel Bundle Pack


WHY BUY ONE, when you can buy two and get one free. This package inlcudes the Salted carmel swirl. Buy two jars and get one free.